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With high standards in workmanship, safety and machinery, look to Paradigm Hydro Vac Inc. as the best option for vacuum excavation services.

What We Do

Paradigm Hydro Vac Inc.

Since our inception Paradigm Hydro Vac Inc. has been recognized for integrity, service and hard work as we have delivered a large range of projects to several satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves in arriving to the job site on time, prepared and paying attention to our customer concerns and requirements. We are committed to stand by our reputation which has been crafted on superior customer service, workmanship and experience.

catch basin cleaning

Catch Basin Cleaning

In order to avoid flooding, property owners will need to ensure their catch basins are clear from obstruction…

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Tree Root Protection

Tree Root Protection

When it comes to Tree Root Protection, hydro excavation is the most popular option compared to any other method…

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Soil Trenching

Soil Trenching

With the precision of hydro excavation trucks, we can quickly and effectively dig narrow trenches to station utility lines, pipes or cables into the soil…

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Paradigm Hydro Vac Inc.

We strive to provide long lasting customer relationships and make every effort to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing honest, fair, knowledgeable and professional services each and every time we work on a project. Call Paradigm Hydro Vac Inc. today to see how we can help you.

Our Services

Anode & Shoring Installation

With the precision of hydro excavation trucks, we can quickly and effectively dig narrow trenches to station utility lines…

Pole Hole Excavation

Pole hole excavation can be effectively achieved through the process and precision of hydro excavation. Signs, poles and structures can be…

Debris Removal

Hydro excavation is the preferred means of excavation when it comes to the removal of debris or contaminants within the earth. Unlike earlier excavation methods…

Curb Box Replacement

Ensuring a curb box is in optimal condition and properly maintained is important. This can become challenging due to rust and corrosion. As a result, this may…

Culvert Cleanout

Due to various reasons, culverts and manholes can become overloaded. As a result, serious problems such as flooding of storm and waste water may arise. This can lead to…

Day Lighting or Potholing

This form of hydro excavation is executed with the use of pressurized water and a vacuum truck. Our team of…